Alan & Cathy, Party Hosts

“Thanks so much, Nadia, the whole dance went so well and you carried the audience in the palm of your hands!!! Quite a few are contemplating a new career!!”

Mary, Hen Party organiser

“Thank you so much for Saturday. We were buzzing all weekend. It was just what bride to be wanted.  You were the perfect person to attempt to teach us, it was fun, we learnt, we felt comfortable with you. Watching you dance was such a privilege.”

Ian, Venue Owner & Event organiser

“I have received some tremendous feedback regarding your stunning performance on NYE, all of which you more than deserve, well done!!”

Lucy, student

“Nadia’s dance classes are fabulous! A great, well balanced mix of instruction, technique and dancing with some fun thrown in for good measure. Her classes will leave you with a feel good factor and a smile upon your face. A wonderful opportunity to learn Egyptian dance moves with a good warm up and cool down to keep you safe too. I love it!”

Sarah, student

“Going to Nadia’s dance classes is a wonderful experience. This comes from a very successful mix of her genuine enthusiasm and talent, thoughtful teaching style, her choice of music, good humour and great company.  I feel I have grown in many ways from attending her classes and cannot recommend her strongly enough. Thank you Nadia.”

Lulu, student

“Nadia is a gentle and encouraging teacher who finds uplifting music for the classes and creates dances that are fun to try. I always come away smiling”

Phil, Event Organiser

“Wonderfully elegant and sensuous – Nadia is a case study in how to engage an audience without words – wonderful!”

Geum, student

“I always wanted to learn bellydancing, but I was not sure if it was my thing after trying various other bellydance classes. Then I found Nadia, and I started to love bellydancing. She is kind and passionate, she cares if students are following the moves, she helps you master the choreography, yet every class it feels different and fun. She taught me how to be confident and helped me like how my own body moved. Above all, thanks to her I could have my first performance in public – it was scary but awesome!”