We all need to feel connected to others and understood, no matter what our circumstance.

Sometimes we need more than words to express and share our feelings and experiences. Using my love of dance with my training in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, I use music and movement to create a supportive and playful environment where your community can share in positive relational and communication experiences. With older adults in care homes I use elements of Egyptian dance to encourage mobilisation using gentle and accessible movements. We also use small percussive instruments to make music together, which can be danced with. This uplifting communal experience is a break from the everyday!

With young people with learning disabilities I focus on using sensory play and dance to develop movement and communication range as well as foster positive relational experiences. I love to witness the transformation that can take place when people have the opportunity to move, play and express themselves freely!

Perhaps you want to offer your community some stress relief sessions? I facilitate wellbeing groups with specific themes such as

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Grounding strategies
  • Self-compassion
  • Self-esteem promotion

Get in touch to find out how your community can be supported and enriched!

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