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Hello! I’m Nadia and am very happy to be sharing the joy of bellydance with you.

My journey with bellydance began in the summer of 2000, when I was working as a teacher of English in Ouled Taima in the South of Morocco. One of my student’s invited me to her house for a small party with her friends and myself and a friend went. There her and her friends danced together for fun and that’s when I thought WOW! I want to dance like that.

When I returned to London I started learning with Asmahan at the Pineapple Studios. It was through Asmahan that I was introduced to Egyptian belly dance and music. Asmahan got me out on stage early on. I can still remember the smiles from audience members from my first performance – what a buzz – I was hooked! Soon after starting classes with Asmahan I began learning with the great Khaled Mahmoud and it was fantastic to study with these two masters simultaneously. Other teachers that have had a massive influence on me include Lorna of Cairo, Galit Mersand, Guy Schalom and Hassan Hassan Saber.

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Bellydance has been a constant source of energy, creativity and expression for me.

Bellydance has been a constant source of energy, creativity and expression for me, throughout all my different life chapters and challenges. Indeed it was because of my experiences with bellydance that I decided to train as a dance / movement psychotherapist  and this training has deepened my appreciation for all that bellydance has to offer, including the opportunity to develop grounding, self-awareness and creative flexibility. See my linkedin profile for a more details of my education and work experience and get in touch with any queries!

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